Dometic, Air Bag Light, Front Differential Locker and Cover

Dometic PLB40 Battery Back

I heard back from Dometic this morning.  The rep could not find the information on whether this fuse is a slow blow or fast blow.

She said they do not sell that 10A fuse.  I would have to buy the entire 12VDC charging cable, part number 9600024813.  I found this at a 3rd party source for about $30.  I purchased a 5pk of Bussmann AGC-10, fast acting, 10 Amp, 250V, Glass tube fuses for $5.49.  About $1.10 per fuse.

It’s a simple fix.  It surprises me that Dometic missed it in its spec and documentation.  It’s also a little disappointing that Dometic support can’t find the spec for it either.

Air Bag Light

I dropped the Whisky off at the dealer (Russell Westbrook Jeep in Van Nuys) yesterday.  I took it to this dealer at the recommendation from the off-road shop where I’ve been taking it for suspension work.  Hopefully they will be able to find the Air Bag Light problem easily and fix it.  I’m also hoping it will be covered under the Extended/Lifetime warranty!

Front Differential: Locker

While it’s at the dealer I’ve asked them to look at the front locker.  I’m looking forward to them finding that it can be fixed without replacing the entire axle.  If they need to replace the axle and will do it under the Extended/Lifetime warranty I’m okay with that.  I’ll get the new axle in place then add some skids.  Right now, I have the EVO Manufacturing shock mount skids in place.  Unfortunately, these are weld-on skids so if the axle is replaced, I’ll lose those.  But better to spend a little money replacing the shock mounts skids than a LOT of money on a new OEM axle.  I’ll also add a front diff skid.  I probably should have done that a long time ago.  The ARB cover has done a great job, but it’s taking a beating.

Front Differential: ARB Diff Cover

On October 12th I sent a note to ARB about where and how to get replacement bolts for the heavy duty differential cover bolts, specifically the bottom bolts.  They got back to me on the 14th.  Not too bad on the response time.  But the reply wasn’t super helpful.  They provided me two part numbers: one for the long bolts and one for the short.

0750403SP (Long 1.5″)
0750404SP (Short .75″)

They said they are sold in packs and provided me a link to their dealer locator. So, I don’t know how many are in a pack.  I tried an online search for the parts but only found one ‘dealer’ that listed them.  They weren’t a stock item, and the stores were not close by.  So, I guess I’m going to have to go ‘old-school’ and make a few phone calls and place a special order.