About 98Whisky

The Story Of “98Whisky”

This site may appear to be about Jeeps. It may appear to be about Whisky. You may be asking, how do Jeeps and Whisky go together? Well, they don’t, exactly. But that’s where MY story comes in to play.

When I was a kid I always wanted a Jeep. It’s been my lifelong dream to have a Jeep and go out camping and off-roading to places that most people don’t, or can’t, go. In 2015 my dream finally came true. I was able to get my own Jeep.

It’s a bright yellow, 2015 Rubicon Unlimited Hardrock edition, and it’s a great rig. For the first few years my Jeeping friends kept suggesting names for it, but none of them seemed quite right. Then, in 2018, something happened that helped me finally decide on a name for it.

As an adult I have come to appreciate Whisky. It’s always nice to sit with a good Scotch or Whisky, especially if there are others around to share it with.

As it turns out, many of my Jeeper friends also appreciate a good Whisky. We particularly enjoy it around a campfire after a day of wheeling our Jeeps in the desert or mountains.

Okay, that explains how Jeeps and Whisky come together. But, where does “98Whisky” come from?

Both Jeeping and Whisky and a number of other things are about enjoying life. And life is short.

At the age of 50, I suffered what is referred to as a SCA or Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Faster than you can snap your fingers an arrhythmia stopped my heart. I had no pulse of my own for over 40 minutes. When I arrived at the emergency room I was unresponsive and did not have ID on me, so they assigned an anonymous identification code. My original wristband read,


Having the good fortune to have fully recovered from that medical emergency it seemed appropriate that 98 Whisky would make a great license plate for the Jeep. The full spelling would not fit on the license plate so I had to get creative with the spelling, hence, 98 WISKY! And from there we started referring to it as, “The Whisky”.

So if you see 98Wisky out on the road, or especially OFF the ROAD, give a honk and a wave and let me know you’re out there.

Here’s hoping to see you in the dirt soon! Cheers!