Windshield and Turn Signal Lamp

A couple of maintenance items got done today. First, I got a new windshield put in. On my drive between Dodge City and Kansas City I got hit by some debris coming off trucks. Picked up two more chips in the windshield, both of which had the potential to crack. Fortunately I have my comprehensive insurance deductible set to zero. So, it was covered 100%.

The other item was my left, rear turn signal light replacement. On the same leg of the drive the dash dinged at me, displayed a message saying the left, rear turn signal lamp was out, and the left turn indicator started fast blinking. A quick trip to the local auto parts store for a 3157 bulb and about 5 minutes to change it and all is good again.

These were both easy, but important. They’re both safety items and I still have a lot of driving to do between now and when I get home.



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