Oil Change Drip Leads To Driveshaft Bolt

After my last oil change I had a lot of oil dripping from different spots.  This has happened before.  Sometimes the technicians get a little sloppy when draining.  A bunch of oil pools on top of the skid plates and it drips making it look like there’s an oil leak.  A couple of days ago I noticed there was still a fairly fresh oil spot on the ground so I looked up underneath the Jeep to see where it was dripping from.  It was just another remnant from the oil change.  But, while I was under there, I noticed something else.  There’s a bolt missing from my rear driveshaft!  Only three of the four bolts connecting the rear driveshaft to the transfer case are present.  So now I’m having to source a replacement.

Driveshaft bolt, Rear T-Case

I checked with 4×4 shop since they installed the driveshaft last year.  I sent an email with a picture.  They said it looks like the Rubicon Express flange adapter.  I found an adapter that looks like a match.  It’s the Rubicon Express RE1805.  I’ve sent them a note through their website for information about where I can get replacements or for a spec so I can source it on my own.  Hopefully, they get back to me fairly quickly.

Front Axle:

I still haven’t heard from the dealer about the parts for the front axle swap.  It was supposed to be about 6 weeks.  That was 8 weeks ago.  I know supply chain issues have a lot of things hung up, but it’s the new year and I’m ready to get moving with getting The Whisky back up to par.  I know I’m going to miss some Jeep trips, but I don’t want to miss more than I have to.  So it’s time for ME to be the squeaky wheel.  I put a follow up call in this afternoon.



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