Holcomb, John Bull, and The Rough Country Shocks

Holcomb and John Bull trails in Big Bear went well this weekend.  The Rough Country shocks were fine.  Honestly, I didn’t notice much difference between the Rough Country and the Fox 2.0 Reservoir shocks that came with the Mopar lift kit.  My driving was more on point as well.  Only a few minor scrapes up front.  And the diff is still leak free, enough so that I didn’t bother putting the cardboard under it tonight in the driveway.

However, before I take it in to the dealer I need to take care of some things.  I need to fully unload and clean the Whisky, inside and out.  If I can get the power washer working that would be awesome.  I need to rattle can the underside so that it’s better protected again rust and a little cleaner looking.  And I need to rework the fenders so that they’re fully attached.  That’s a fair bit of work so I probably won’t get it in by Tuesday. 

The traction control also came on a couple of times this trip.  Once on the way out and once on the way home.  Not sure what that’s about.  I’m hoping it will work itself out through a series of adjustments and alignment done with regard to other repairs.