Front Locker and Axle Replacement

Front Differential: Locker

The dealer got back to me about a week ago.  The company that handles the extended warranty sent out their own inspector.  I’m told they’ve approved the claim.  It will be to replace the ENTIRE front axle.  There’s one part that is on back order so it’s probably another month or a little more before they can do it.  But they’re gonna do it.  It’s just a matter of time now.

I ordered a new ARB diff cover and a lube locker seal for the front diff.  Hopefully the dealer will be willing to use those on the new axle.  I’ll paint the ARB, which is currently raw metal, to match the Whisky’s Baja Yellow.  That’ll add a little pop to it AND it will help prevent rust on the cover.  The old one I’ll save as a spare.

I’d also like to add some diff skids.  Some folks, including at least one guy at the 4×4 shop, don’t like the diff skids because you can lose a little clearance.  I agree with that to a point.  If I was just hitting it once in a while I’d say sure, the heavy duty cover is enough.  But I seem to be hitting it more often.  If I’m going to hit it anyway I’d rather be hitting a skid.  The homework has begun.  The shop has used a few Rough Country products on the Whisky and they’ve held up pretty well.  So I’m looking at them for the diff skid.  SKU 798 for the front Dana 44 skid.  I’ve sent them a question: Will it work with the ARB cover?  I’m not using stock diff covers anymore so I need to be sure anything I use will work with the ARB covers.

Front Axle:

Once the new axle is in, I’m going to have the 4×4 shop beef it up.  I don’t expect Jeep to ever honor a full axle replacement ever again.  This will be the second one they’ve done for me.  So, I don’t have a problem doing some things to it to help it hold up better.

Looking at sleeving the axle, adding trusses and gussets, and shock mount skids.  While we’re at it I’ll have the control arm mounts relocated so they tuck up inside the frame instead of hanging down where they keep getting hit.



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