Differential, Bead Lock Rings, and Zerks

Front Differential:

A couple of days ago I noticed a couple of the bolts appeared to have a little oil around them.  When I checked more closely, I did find it was seeping slightly.  It hadn’t gotten to a point of dripping yet.  Once again I cleaned it and re-torqued the bolts.  Two days now and all still dry.  So it looks like I may need to re-torque these, or at least check them, after each trip.  It may also be as simple as the seal has been broken so they need to be tightened more frequently until the next service.  At the next service it will get a fresh seal (RTV) and will probably be okay afterward. 

I still want to replace these bolts.  I put a customer service request in to ARB Sunday night asking where I can get these bolts.  Not word back yet.  But it’s only been a couple of days.

Bead Lock Rings:

I also sent a note to Quadratec about replacement bolts.  They replied today.  They don’t carry the bolts but they tell me this is the Mopar p/n: 06512360AA.  This is the part number that is also listed on the installation sheet that came with the rings.  They’re a bit pricey from Mopar and the only pics I can find of them must be wrong.  The pics have no head.  They look more like a wheel stud.

This is going to take a little more work.  I’m going to need to determine the spec for the bolt.  I know it’s a hex head.  I’ll need to note the size, diameter of the bolt, thread, length, and grade.  Then I can shop for a generic equivalent.

Control Arm Zerks, Front:

I found a few references to mounting control arms with grease nipples (Zerk fittings) UP to protect them.  I also found some right-angle nipples.  I need to check with the shop to see about making that happen next time it’s in for moderate work.