Air Bag Light and Front Locker

Air Bag Light

Russell Westbrook Jeep got in touch today.  They were right on time, by the way.  They said it would be Friday or possibly Monday because they were so busy.  The air bag light was due to a bad clock spring.  They have replaced it and everything appears to check out.  There is an open warranty extension on the clock spring so it looks like they’re going to handle that one 100% warranty.  Awesome!

Front Differential: Locker

They’re getting an error from the front locker.  The shop foreman had a question for me.  He wanted to know if I’d re-geared or if everything was still stock.  Other than the ARB cover it’s all still stock.  So they say they need to replace the differential.  They’re going to submit a claim to the extended warranty.  If they can get it covered then they’ll replace it and I’ll be on the hook for the $100 deductible.  That would also be AWESOME!  I’ll get another update on Monday.  But fingers crossed they can get it covered AND they have the parts.  I don’t want to wait months for the parts, right?